What is one million voices?


NationalMogaRendering400pxIt’s a gallery.
It’s a national movement.
It’s a campaign designed to propel people to action.

To see past a diagnosis of Down syndrome to a life meant to be. And we won’t stop until we reach one million new voices sharing a universal message of acceptance.

The one million voices galleries will travel across the nation in public venues, changing perceptions one person at a time until we reach one million new voices.

GiGi’s Playhouse traveling galleries seek to reach audiences in a variety of venues in hopes that the public will hear clearly the voice of individuals with Down syndrome through the portraits and accompanying stories.  The purpose of the mobile galleries is to increase cultural awareness and build advocacy for our kids.  We will do this by influencing one person at a time until we have one million new voices that will speak up for, defend and befriend our kids.  Each gallery will tell the story of that local playhouse and the people it serves.  It will share family stories, stories of community acceptance and the individual tales of a life meant to be.
Help us turn up the volume so the world can no longer ignore the music that one million of our voices will make.


Let us hear your voice!
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  1. Down syndrome rocks!!

  2. The most beautiful pictures!!! Love seeing those smiles. Thank you!!!

  3. Fantastic! Here’s to all of the wonderful individuals and their families that have been touched by Down’s. My sister Tracey is an inspiration as is our sweet little friend Joey! Blessings to all!

  4. Count me in, and Gabriel as well!

  5. Love the site and the campaign. My son inspires me everyday and I wouldn’t change him for the world!

  6. Touching & beautiful portraits. If you know someone living with Down syndrome, consider yourself blessed. These individuals and their families beat the odds every day. We try harder, because they CAN do it!!! Believe in the possibilities and never give up. Our Isabel is a talker, a champion reader, a loving little sister, a writer of letters/numbers, a singer of church worship songs, a playful friend, an attentive student, a super cutie with the best smile & giggles, and even a little ballerina in dance classes, too. Down syndrome is one part of Isabel, but she is a total person with a full life… she will not let living with Down syndrome hold her back or tame her spirit. Believe, learn, and love. Good things are possible.

  7. My Sweet Caroline warms my heart everyday with her big smile! I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful daughter!

  8. I want one! I want one! Oh yeah, I do have one!! A beautiful daughter with that extra chromosome that is! Lucky me!!

  9. This gallery of pictures is truly AMAZING. Our son Joey completes our family. We have been truly blessed and kissed by an ANGEL.

  10. Thank you. This is beautiful.

  11. Rockin’ that extra chromosome, extra special, extra fun, extra spirited! All my love <3

  12. This campaign is truly amazing and i think it is so important for people to get educated about these special individuals.

  13. Such inspiring pictures and stories

  14. This is such a cool way to raise awareness about down syndrome. I loved the pictures and the individual stories.

  15. I thought that the “one million voices’ gallery was very cool and it was insightful to see that people were thankful to have a child/teenager with Down syndrome in their life and didn’t see it as a set back.

  16. I loved the personal stories of everyone and their family members. It really opened my eyes to people with Down syndrome and their families.

  17. It was so informative and nice to read about what family members and friends had to say about their experiences with Down syndrome. All of the positive comments made me happy 🙂

  18. I thought it was super insightful and I learned about all of the different special things that these kids can do.

  19. I thought that it was very touching to read all the different stories and see all the unconditional love families and friends had for members of their family with Down syndrome.

  20. I think that it’s a blessing that I took the time to read all of these messages. These aren’t people with Down syndrome. These are people.

  21. I think this was an awesome way to get to see some amazing people and how much they bless those around them.

  22. It gave very personalized stories to Down syndrome and made me want to learn about Down syndrome and spread awareness.

  23. ‘one million voices’ was a great experience, very visually educational!

  24. Very educating and inspiring! The personal stories are a great way to help everyone connect.

  25. Great way to showcase that people with Down syndrome live and love like anyone else!

  26. ‘one million voices’ was very inspiring and eye opening!

  27. I am very proud to see that ‘one million voices’ is helping the Quad Cities community open their eyes about the reality about children with Down syndrome!

  28. ‘one million voices’ is a beautiful and inspiring campaign to raise awareness about those people with Down syndrome!

  29. My daughter has been such a Blessing to me. She is my BEST friend in the whole world. She is kind, loving, honest, compassionate, and would never hurt anyone or talk behind your back. Anyone would feel lucky and blessed to have her in their lives:-) what a beautiful beginning this portrait is to displaying TRUE HONESTY in motion!! Chris

  30. Nearly 10:30 pm, and my Sean (age 9 1/2) is still chirping and giggling, perfect audio complement to the scrolling photos above… now he’s at my arm, and facebook time is done. Lovely way to end another busy day. Thanks, Gigi’s for all your efforts to focus on the positive notes and joy in our daily lives!

  31. It would be awesome if you could come near Greenville, SC. I know alot of people that would come to the gallery showing. This is an awesome thing you are doing! Love it!

  32. What a beautiful inspirational diplay of adorable children and their families! Nice job!

  33. I love the pictures! They are all so beautiful 🙂 Thank you for sharing all of your amazing & inspiring stories!!!

  34. Thanks for making Down syndrome more familiar to all of us, raise the awareness!! love the photos.

  35. Great calander and such beautiful children!

  36. Beautiful, heartwarming display. Teresa

  37. Surely, that One million voices will be in the pubblic eye.

  38. i really think that syracuse should have gallry that why i think that we need all the help we can get to everyone out there help us to get the word out i have a voice and i think everyone out there should to

  39. “The voice of the people is the voice of God”

  40. My son is my angel! He makes me happy and proud to be his mommy.at only 5yrs old he inspires me everyday. I enjoy every moment with him.

  41. So beautiful!!! I hope you will see our book on You-tube (it’s free). Just google: Mom Do I Have Special Knees? God Bless, Greg & Megan Dean

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